12. June 2019
Slides and link to code for my lightning talk at R-Ladies Auckland - "turning a twitter hashtag into a word cloud".
03. June 2019
Guest post by Kelly D'Mello, MSc Student, AUT
09. May 2019
We made an infographic for the work David Norton & I did for Beef & Lamb, quantifying native vegetation on sheep & beef farms. I'll explain the software and resources I used to make it.
11. April 2019
I attended the 23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion in Rotorua this week, to talk about our work quantifying native vegetation on NZ farms and what that means for sustainable food production and human health. Check out my slides!
05. April 2019
Measuring plant performance outside of nonnative plants' naturalized ranges can help us to infer equilibrium. Our latest paper, just out in Biological Invasions, uses models derived from field experiments to do just this, for two succulent pest plants in New Zealand.
02. March 2019
How to cross-check reference lists from articles, using linux
11. December 2018
I wanted to make a word cloud out of a twitter hashtag, but I didn't know how. A step-by-step explanation of how I used python & R (and cheated a bit) to make pretty word clouds from tweets.
29. November 2018
I'm just back after a full-on week at the NZ ecological society conference in Wellington. We had 4 full days of idea sharing, inspiration and far too much cake, and it was really refreshing to be a part of a conference with such a supportive and welcoming vibe. Thank you, wonderful organizers! I was happy to present something a little different to my usual work - socio-ecology! I talked about some research I've been doing as part of the social aims of our Farming & Nature conservation...
06. November 2018
Quantitative literature reviews involve cross-checking papers against each other for common keywords and citations. I didn't fancy doing this manually so I've written some basic python code to help.